As you probably know from my home page, my name is Matt. I used to work in kitchens as a cook. I did it for ten years (loved it, but the stress was real), and I gained an appreciation for good tools and quality workmanship. After all, a cook needs good tools to make good food, and no customer wants to have their dining experience ruined by anything less. I took that drive and decided to apply it to making useful objects for kitchen and home from locally-sourced wood, grown and harvested right here in the state of Michigan. Cutting boards are the main focus of my business, but I also make furniture, clocks, curio boxes, and other goods. I like to let the wood decide what it wants to be, cliche as that may seem. Not every piece I buy is suited for just anything. Elsewhere in this site, I elaborate on the materials I use, what makes a good cutting board (or doesn’t!) and how to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. I prefer my customers to be informed. You read a menu before you order, right? Why wouldn’t you be as interested in what goes into your cutting board, bowl, or serving platter as you are what goes into your dinner? Think of it as an ingredient list. I also have care and maintenance guides, as well as an explanation on what exactly you’re buying when you get the different types of cutting board (end grain, edge grain, etc).

A bit more about Beard & Board; I have a beard, yes. So no false advertising so far. But it’s not just my ample facial hair that I’m referring to; I also support charity through my work. Firstly, I purchase as much of my wood and supplies as I can from my local ReStore, which receives their wood stocks from two Michigan companies, Raven Farm and Tervol’s Wood Products. The ReStore is an outlet that supports Habitat for Humanity, which as you know helps get needy folk and families a roof over their heads. That’s important to me. Hence the ‘Board’. As in ‘boarding’. Oh, the cleverness isn’t over yet. You wish. Once I make and sell my goods, I then donate a portion of my sales to charities that support the homeless and disadvantaged, and help them get job training, shelter, and food. It’s a regular ‘boarding’ party. So your purchase helps support two noble causes at once. It’s pretty feel-good, trust me.

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